Our School

Our school offers a distinctively Catholic education within an International Studies context and Advanced Placement courses. From a Catholic perspective, we promote a high quality educational experience based on the social teachings of Christ, and sustained by the commitment to improving our global community.

International Studies Program

As a school community we recognize that our students are a part of a global community, we strive to increase our students’ awareness of current affairs and our social responsibilities in the world. Students at Father Bressani will understand the international forces shaping their lives and acquire the knowledge, skills, and strategies to understand the complexity of international issues and work towards promoting the social teachings of Christ to create a better future for the world. Our international studies focus is predicated on the beliefs that:

  • The present has been ‘created’ by the PAST’
  • The future is being created as we speak’
  • Social justice issues are present everywhere’
  • ‘Every individual can make a difference in the world’

Opportunities for students to study international issues, learn about the world around them and develop 21st century skills are weaved into the cirriculum. Students make connections to other parts of the world by studying global issues, connecting with other school communities and focusing on key questions:

  1. What are the international issues and why are they relevant to students at Father Bressani?
  2. What are the causes and effects of the issues?
  3. How are issues inter-related?
  4. What are solutions to these issues?
  5. How can students at Father Bressani CHS make a positive contribution to our global community?

International Studies at Father Bressani focuses on knowledge of global issues, social responsibility, active citizenship and career education.

Advanced Placement Centre of Excellence Program

The Advanced Placement Program is a partnership between secondary schools and universities. There are many benefits for students who take AP courses. They can study subjects they are interested in and challenge themselves by being exposed to university level material. Grade 12 AP students have an opportunity to show what they have learned by taking an AP exam. A student who receives a grade of three or better on an AP exam may be considered qualified to receive credit for the equivalent course at a university that grants credit for AP exams. Some universities grant credit, placement or both to successful AP students.

This is a program for students identified as gifted by the York Catholic District School Board and for students who have achieved consistently at a level 4+. The curriculum is enriched in order to meet the learning needs of these students. Grade nine students enrolled in the AP-Preparatory (AP-Prep) program are required to take all of the four compulsory subjects in the program: English, Geography, Science, and Math.