School Profile


School Chapel, Communications Technology Lab, Three Gyms, Teaching Library with a Computer Centre, Computer Labs, Science Labs, Drama Room, and Chaplaincy Centre.

Number of Students 1086
Number of Full Time Teachers 65, plus 3 Administrators
Number of Support Staff 21

School Objectives for the Year

To bring the presence of Christ into every area of school life, by providing opportunities to participate in the liturgical life. We also try to encourage our school community to have a greater appreciation and understanding of local and global issues as well as individual responsibilities as global citizens.

How we live our Catholic Faith: Our Belief

The Father Bressani Catholic High School, A School for International Studies and Advanced Placement Centre of Excellence, community believes that a Catholic high school is one in which the teachings of Jesus Christ are integrated into the day to day curriculum and social fabric of high school. The life roles, knowledge, skills and attitudes outlined in the Ontario Catholic School Graduates Expectations (Institute for Catholic Education) describe the seven distinctive expectations that the Catholic Community has for graduates of Catholic secondary schools. We have many opportunities to pray and demonstrate our Catholic faith including: prayer services, classroom liturgies and Sacramental Life, daily prayer, an active pastoral team, opportunities for individual student reflection in our chapel, and retreats for staff and students.

Our Partners: Chaplaincy Co-ordinator: M. Di Nardo

We live our Catholic Faith by focusing on service, relationships, the Word of God, and lay witness and leadership. Our Chaplaincy Team co-ordinates with local pastors the many areas of our faith life. We also have Catholic symbols throughout our school and our parish representative is our liaison with the parish.

Demonstrating our Faith

Our faith is shown by: liturgical celebrations, reconciliation, outreach to Catholic organizations (St. Francis Table & Scott Mission). We have contributed through fund-raising: Children’s Wish Foundation, Canadian Cancer Society, World Youth Day, Consolatta Missions Cian Food For Children and Sheepfold School of The Good Shepherd School in Port-Au-Prince Haiti and Sharelife.

Christian Service is a component of every Religion course at Father Bressani. As important as learning about our faith, is putting our faith into action. One important way of putting our faith into action is service (e.g. students are expected to perform 10 hours of service each year).

“Whatever you do even to the lest of your brothers and sisters, you do to me” (Jesus of Nazareth)

York Catholic District School Board – Mission

The Mission of the York Catholic District School Board is to educate each student to reach full potential in a dynamic, Christ-centred learning community which accentuates our unique Canadian identity in partnership with home and Church.

Guidance Information

Guidance Department Head: Tania DiPaola
Guidance Secretary: Vanessa Sanzo
Telephone Number: 905-851-0977
The Guidance Department assists students in making informed educational and career decisions. Counsellors help students to select high school courses to ensure that students will have the prerequisites for post-secondary studies. Working with individuals or small groups, counsellors will also assist students in resolving personal, social, and academic concerns.

Catholic School Advisory Council Information

The Father Bressani Catholic School Council functions in an advisory role to the school principal and to the Board.

All meetings take place in the School Conference Room and are approximately 1.5 hours in length (7:00 pm to 8:30 pm).

  • October 21, 2020
  • November 23, 2020
  • January 18, 2021
  • March 22, 2021
  • May 17, 2021

*Other meetings will be held as required



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Catholic School Advisory Council – Major Objectives For The Year:

  • To foster the pursuit of academic excellence and create a culture of life-long learning among students, staff and the community.
  • To continue to encourage respect and positive attitudes towards one another, towards school policies, and towards the environment.

How do we know we are succeeding?

Our school is dedicated to continuous improvement. Information from a variety of sources assists us in improving student achievement.

When available, results from Provincial Tests will be reported. Provincial tests occur during Grade Nine and Grade Ten for all students across the Province of Ontario. These tests are created by the Education Quality and Accountability Office, an arms length agency of the Government of Ontario.

It is important that we do not judge our school’s performance solely on any one result or indicator. At all times, quality classroom assessments by our teachers determine student achievement. In addition to this testing, teachers use examinations, classroom tests, portfolios of student work and group discussion to evaluate student progress. Information from other sources can also give us valuable feedback.


Semestered: Semester One: September to January
Semester Two: February to June

Special Programs/Features

PACE (Gifted Program) & Special Education (Core and monitoring) International focus in all subjects in grade 9 and 10 and specific subjects in grade 11 and 12, Specialist High Skills Major in Communication Technology and Business, Music Program (Vocal, Instrumental, Music and Computers).

Services to Students

Chaplaincy; Guidance; Special Education; Behaviour; Consultant; School Psychologist; Peer Ministry; Student Leadership Training; Support Groups.

Grade 9 Program Features

Grade 9 Orientation; Study Skills; Time Management Skills; Social Skills; Career Interest Inventory; Long Range Educational and Career Planning; Personal Growth Skills; Take Your Kids to Work Day; Monitoring and Remediation; Homework Club; Religion Retreats.


Father Bressani Catholic High School, A School for International Studies, Advanced Placement Centre of Excellence and studies in French Immersion offers a full academic program in accordance with the Ontario Secondary Schools Policy on Secondary Schools, and the Ontario Provincial Curriculum. The Curriculum of Father Bressani Catholic High School is distinctively Catholic by incorporating Catholic values within all aspects of learning. For further information regarding curriculum, contact Ms. S. Abate, Principal.


Athletic Council, Baseball, Basketball, Dance Squad, CC Running, Hockey, Slow Pitch, Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Wrestling, Golf, Tennis, Softball, Track & Field and Ultimate Frisbee.