Students are expected to be in full and proper uniform within the building at all times including lunch and spares.

All students must wear:

  • Predominantly black full shoes – no branding
  • DGN Kilters black FB crested dress pants
  • The following tops with school insignia
    • FB crested golf shirt (short or long sleeved)
    • FB crested full zip fleece or quarter zip (with school golf shirt)
    • FB rugby style top

The uniform must be purchased through:

DGN Kilters

Phone ordering: 1-800-437-5872
Online ordering: www.dgn-kilters.com

Note Carefully

  • Any design modification of uniform items will render such items non-conforming and students and parents/guardians are responsible for the repair or replacement of uniform items;
  • Parents/guardians are advised to purchase duplicate pieces of uniform items to ensure that students come to school in full uniform each and every day;
  • Any additional solid white or black undershirt must be tucked in and not protrude at the sleeves or beyond the school golf shirt (no stripes or other designs must be visible);
  • Hats, caps, headbands, bandanas, or any type of decorative headwear are not permitted;