Council Members

Current Members 2021-2022

Name Position
Anabela DaSilva Chair
Agnese Cornacchione-Brown Vice Chair
Mary Marcello* Secretary
Andrea Telfer* Treasurer
Nancy Benetton-Sampath

Daniela Boragina

Susanne Condello

Francesca DiFazio*

Nelly Longobardi

Mayra Mosquera

Marisa Petrielli

Marilena Sgro







Fr. Eugene Chianain

Emanuela Polin-De Luca

Parish Council

Community Rep

Sofia Ortepi

Loredana Iazzi

Student Rep.

Teacher Rep

Sandra Abate, Principal

Phyllis Vander Doelen, Acting Principal

Admin. Rep.
Andre Belille, Vice-Principal

Bohdan Lechman, Vice-Principal

Admin. Rep.

How to Become a Member

The Catholic School Advisory Council provides important contributions on many school issues. Parents of our school are invited to join us on the Executive of our Council. These positions are for a one year term starting September of each year. Parents or guardians who are separate school supporters and who have students enrolled at Father Bressani may be elected as Parent Representatives on the School Council.

To become a member:

  • You must complete a Nomination Form (posted in our June Newsletter at the end of each school year).
  • Meeting is called in September.
  • Elections are held.

The school community votes for their members and they are elected.