Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief Fund

YCDSB Partners with Archdiocese of Toronto to Benefit the Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief Fund

 Once again, the YCDSB community puts faith into action, reaching out to support those in the Bahamas whose lives have been affected by Hurricane Dorian. Following devastating winds in excess of 290km/hr, the situation remains grave for thousands of injured and displaced families. Donations are urgently needed to assist in medical, rescue, and humanitarian efforts across the region.

 On Thursday, October 10th, Father Bressani CHS will be hosting a “Loonie-Toonie Day” paid Civvies day to demonstrate our commitment to caring for our neighbours wherever they may be.  Donate what you can, every gift will help sustain life, and give hope.

Join us in sending a message of LOVE and COMPASSION to those most in need.